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Ibraces in San Jose, CA

Are you dissatisfied with your smile? Worried that conventional braces will be cumbersome and embarrassing? Now there’s a new way for adolescent and adult patients in San Jose, CA to get the dazzling smiles they want: iBraces.

Your Teeth, Your Secret

iBraces work just like regular braces to gently straighten your teeth. But unlike regular braces that are visible to the world, iBraces are specially designed to be worn on the backs of your teeth. iBraces are custom-crafted for each patient and are designed to be comfortable and to interfere as little as possible with your speech.

At Henry S. Chang DDS, Inc., our goal is to help our San Jose, CA patients achieve the beautiful smiles they’ve always dreamed about. For many patients, iBraces offer the opportunity to gain straighter teeth without the look of conventional braces. So stop hiding your teeth. Contact Henry S. Chang DDS, Inc. for your appointment and find out if iBraces are right for you.